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Integration of the visually impaired
Saturday, hot gay porn 04 October 2008 20:37
Support for providing equal employment opportunities for visually impaired people and cooperaton for their integration in working environment

The main goal of the project is to contribute to decreasing the high unemployment of visually impaired people as a prerequisite for overcoming their social isolation and complete integration in the society. The objectives of the project are: Raising the public, and in particular-employers’ awareness on the visually impaired people problems and professional abilities as way of change in peoples stereotypes; Increasing the qualification and readiness for employment of visually impaired people, through trainings and professional orientation and motivation; Improving the access to information as opportunity for increasing the employment opportunities of visually impaired people; Encouraging entrepreneurships and starting small business of visually impaired people as a way of self employment-better opportunity than unemployment; Encouragement of the employers to employ people with visual disabilities; Improving the capacity of NGOs working on these problems to work on projects, fundraise, networking and public awareness campaign organization; Change in the motivation and self esteem of the visually impaired people in order to take active position on the labour market. The project target groups are: the visually impaired people in Bulgaria, the students in their last grade in the specialized schools for visually impaired children in Bulgaria, employers and their organizations, stakeholder organizations in the area of visually impaired people- NGOs, state institutions, etc., the general public. The project activities include: Establishment of an expert working group for the p implementation of the project activities; Representative sociological study on the employers attitudes and current practices and motivation towards employment of visually impaired people; National research of the current situation of the visually impaired people in Bulgaria: number, age, qualification and employment structure, examples of good practices for professional realization of visually impaired people; Development of a national classificatory of the professions accessible to visually impaired people; Organization of professional orientation and motivation classes in the last grade in the specialized schools; Adaptation for visually impaired people of the Internet site of JobTiger Ltd.; Development of a resource, training, information, specialized labour intermediate centre for visually impaired people; Organization of a national public information campaign for changing the prejudices against the professional abilities of visually impaired people, targeted at the employers in Bulgaria and at the general public. The project is with a national impact, and for 20 months.

Partners: The Ministry of Labour and Social porn cartoon Policy, JobTiger, Sofia School For Visually Impaired Children, HORIZONS Foundation
Area of black porn videos action: Capacity Building animated porn and Social Policies
Started: December 2004
Completed: August 2006
Team: Denitza celebrity nude Nikolova- Project Coordinator
Hussein Ismail- buy generic priligy online Coordinator Resource centre
Lyubomir Velkov- Coordinator School for Visually black porn Impaired Children
Donors: PHARE Programme buy generic propecia online 'Civil Society'